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Granville County NC
Cemetery Volume 1

Volume 1 of our
Cemetery Book
72 Cemeteries (family, public, private). Indexed by surnames.

Cost - $20.00 including Shipping

Order from:
Granville County Genealogical Society, 1746
P.O. Box 1746
Oxford, NC 27565
Table of Contents
006Adcock (Hester Rd)
007Adcock (Tar River Rd)
008Adcock (Tar River Rd)
009Allen / Coley (West Lyon Station Rd)
010Bagby (Sam Moss Hayes Rd)
011Banks Methodist Church (Hwy 96S)
012Barker (Dexter)
016Bennett (Hester Rd)
018Bragg (Tom Hunt Rd)
019Brogden (Brogden Rd)
020Bullock (Hwy 56)
022Bullock (Sam Moss Hayes Rd)
024Bullock Methodist (Hwy 15S)
025Bumpass (Henry Huff Rd)
027Cabel Adcock (Tar River Rd)
028Callahan (Propus Wilkerson Rd)
034Clay (Hwy 15S)
037Connell (Hwy 96S)
039Creedmoor (Hwy 56N)
041Crews (Horner Siding Rd)
044Davie (SR1313, Person Cty)
046Dixon (Goshen Rd)
047Dr. Peace (Aiken Ave, Creedmoor)
052Ellis (Huntsboro Rd)
053Enon (New) (Enon Rd)
054Enon (Old) (Enon Rd)
056Evans (Grove Hill Ch Rd)
057Evans (SR 1309)
058Fielding Knott (Enon Rd)
059Fleming (Hester Rd)
061Freeman (Hwy 15S)
062Fuller (Walters Rd)
063Glover/Lester (Winding Oaks Rd)
068Grassy Creek (Grassy Creek Rd)
071Grove Hill Meth (Grove Hill Ch Rd)
075Hart (Mountain Creek Rd)
076Hayes (Moss Hayes Rd)
078Hester Baptist (Hwy 96N)
081Jenkins (Hwy 15S)
084John Penn (John Penn Rd)
091Lyon (Hwy 15S)
092Lyon Bry Ground (Elm St, Creedmoor)
093Mangum (Hwy 56N)
098Moss (Sam Moss Hayes Rd)
102Newton (Tar River Rd)
105O'Briant (Cash Rd)
107Overbey (Belltown Rd)
108Overton (E. Shady Grove Rd)
111Peace-Pope (Pope Rd)
113Peake (Gene Hobgood Rd)
114Pittard (Hwy 96S)
118Rogers (Hwy 56)
123Satterwhite (Clarence Green Rd)
124Sherman (SR 1311)
125Smith (Sam Moss Hayes Rd)
126St. Stephens Epis Ch (Oxford)
127Stem (Old Tally Ho Rd)
130Stovall Memorial (Stovall Rd)
132Tabbs Creek Bapt (Tabbs Ck Ch Rd)
133Tally Ho Baptist (Sanders Rd)
135Thomason (Flat Rock Rd)
137Tippett (Hester Rd.)
138Turner (Turner Rd)
143W. T. Allen (Enon Rd)
147Weaver (Chewning Rd)
148Wesley Keith/Aiken (Hwy 50, Wake Co)
149Wheeler (Jack Clement Rd)
151Wilkins (Tump Wilkins Rd)
156William Hicks (Tom Parham Rd)
152William Sherman (SR 1314)
153William Smith (Hwy 158W)
155Winston (Sam Moss Hayes Rd)

Questions or comments send to: GCGS.office@gmail.com
Courthouse Oxford
Courthouse Oxford
John Penn Marker
John Penn Marker
C G Credle School
C.G. Credle School


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