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Granville County NC
Cemetery Volume 2

Volume 2 of our
Cemetery Book

81 Cemeteries (family, public, private). Indexed by full names.

Cost - $30.00 including Shipping

Volume 2

Order from:
Granville County Genealogical Society, 1746
P.O. Box 1746
Oxford, NC 27565
Table of Contents
005Adams-Cash (Will Suitt/Gate 2)
013Barnette (Hwy 15)
014 Beasley (Oak Hill Rd)
015Beck (Northside Rd)
017Bradberry (Marry Ln)
021Bullock (Maj. Ben Bullock) (Moss-Hayes Rd)
023Bullock (Stem)
026Burwell (Burwell's Mill Rd)
029Cannady (Cannady Mill Rd)
030Cash (Hwy 56)
031Cash (Munn Rd)
032Cash (Old Weaver Trl)
033Chappell (Dove Rd)
035Clayton (Mack Burmmitt Rd)
036Coley (Munn Rd)
038Corinth Baptist Church (Hwy 98)
040Crews (Hancock Rd)
042Crews (Smith Rd)
043Currin (Tar River Rd)
045Dean (Hobgood Rd)
048Duncan (W Thollie Green Rd)
049Dutchville (Green Rd)
050Eakes (Mtn Creek Rd)
051Ellington (Sanders Rd)
055Estes (Brassfield Rd)
060Frazier (Pinetown Rd)
064Gooch (Culbreth Rd)
065Gooch (Hester Rd)
066Gooch (New Commerce Rd)
067Goss (Butner; 26th St)
069Greenwood (Cornwall Rd)
070Gregory (Stovall)
072Haithcock (Sam Moss Hayes Rd)
073Haithcock (Tar River Rd)
074Harris (Ed Harris Rd)
077Hester (Hwy 15S)
079Howard (Pinetown Rd)
080Hudgins (Culbreth Rd)
082Jenkins (Redding Rd)
083Joel Lyon (Northside Rd)
085Jones (Marry Ln)
086Jones (Walters Rd)
087Keith (Dove Rd)
088Knotts Grove (Knotts Grove Rd)
089Lawrence (Lawrence Rd)
090Lloyd (Lawrence Rd)
094Mitchell Graveyard (Hwy 15)
095Montague (Hancock Rd)
096Moss (Moss Rd; Creedmoor)
097Moss (Old Jack Michell Graveyd) (Hester Rd)
099Mtn Creek Bapt-New (Mtn Creek Rd)
100Mtn Creek Bapt-Old (Mtn Creek Rd)
101Newcomb (Hwy 15)
103Nick Green (Tump Wilkins Rd)
104Norwood (Amis Chapel Rd)
106Old Synama Grove Bap (Tar Rvr Rd)
109Parham (Dorsey Rd)
110Parrott (Hwy 15)
112Peace's Chapel Baptist Church (Fairport/Peace Chapel Rd)
115Preddy-Jeffries (Grove Hill Rd)
116Pruitt (Graham Hobgood Rd)
117Ragland (Cornwall Rd)
119Royster (Noel Tuck Rd)
120Russell (Sanders Rd)
121Salem United Meth Ch (Airport Rd)
122Sanford (Hwy 56E)
128Stem United Meth (Thomasson - J.H. Stem) (Stem)
129Stovall Baptist Church (Stovall)
131Suit (Hester Rd)
134Taylor (Hwy 96S)
136Thomasson Bry Grds (Line Ln, Stem)
139Tyler (New Commerce Rd)
140Unknown (Chewning Rd)
141Unknown (Sam Moss Hayes Rd)
142Vaughn (Shotwell Rd)
144Wagstaff (Moss Hayes Rd)
145Walters (Belltown Rd)
146Washington (Hwy 75)
150Wilkins (C/19th St, Butner)
154Williams (Goshen Rd)
157Wyche (Tom Hunt Rd)

Questions or comments send to: GCGS.office@gmail.com
Courthouse Oxford
Courthouse Oxford
John Penn Marker
John Penn Marker
C G Credle School
C.G. Credle School


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