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Granville County NC
Cemetery Volume 3

Volume 3 of our
Cemetery Book
81 Cemeteries (family, public, private). Indexed by full names.

Cost - $30.00 including Shipping

Volume 3

Order from:
Granville County Genealogical Society, 1746
P.O. Box 1746
Oxford, NC 27565
Table of Contents
164Abram's Plains Plantation (Virgilina-Grassy Creek Rd
198Adams Family (Hwy 15 S Creedmoor)
165Adcock Family (Dove Rd)
199Adcock Family (Goshen Rd)
166Aiken-Lyon Family (Will-Suitt Rd)
250Allen - Mangum Family (Brassfield Rd)
167Bethel United Methodist Church (Fairport Rd)
200Bradsher Family (Belltown Rd)
168Brassfield Baptist Church (Brassfield Rd)
201Brogden Family (Hwy 56 W Creedmoor)
202Brogden Family (Hwy 56 W Creedmoor)
203Bullock Family (Julian Daniel Rd)
204Byrd Family (Beaverdam Rd)
205Cargill Family (Fairport Rd)
169Cash Family [Jacob Thomas] (Hwy 56 W Creedmoor)
206Chappell Family (Beaverdam Rd)
207Charlie Hicks Family (Bob Daniel Rd)
170Cheatham Family (Dorsey Rd)
208Clark Family (W.B. Clark Rd)
209Clement Family (Enon Rd)
210Crews Family (Hwy 15 S Oxford)
211Currin Family (Mountain Rd)
212Daniel Family (Tom Hunt Rd)
213Daniel Family (Hwy 56 W Creedmoor)
214Davis - Dean Family (Oak St)
215Dean Family (Bob Daniel Rd)
171Dilliard-Davis Family (Woodland Church Rd)
217Duncan Family (Dean Rd)
216Duncan Family (Bob Daniel Rd)
218Englebright Family (Tom Hunt Rd)
172Estes Family (Hwy 50 S Creedmoor)
173Evans Family (Little Satterwhite Rd)
174Farabow Family (Roberts Chapel / Range Rd)
219Fleming Family (W. Fleming St, Creedmoor)
175Franklin Family (Bob Daniel Rd)
220Freeman Family (Walters Rd)
176Garner Family (Wayside Farm / Bruce Garner Rd)
221Garrett Family (Sam Moss Hayes Rd)
177Gooch Memorial Primitive Baptist Church (E. Tally Ho Rd)
178Goshen Chapel Community (Bob Daniel / Sunset Rd)
222Green Family (Bob Daniel Rd)
223Green Family (Family Rd)
224Hailey Family (Hayes Rd)
179Hamilton Hester Family (Oxford Research Station)
225Hicks Family (Walters Rd)
251Jenkins Family (Grove Hill Church SR-1663)
180Jenkins Family (Moss-Ledford Rd)
226Jones Family (Otha Mangum Rd)
227Lewis Thomas Family (Noel Tuck Rd)
228Mangum Family (Bold Run Hill Rd)
229Mangum Family (Lawrence Rd)
181Mitchell-Blackley Family (Philo White Rd)
182Mt Zion Church (Hwy 158 Berea)
183Oak Grove Baptist Church (Enon Rd)
230Overton Family (Cannady Mill Rd)
231Owen Family (Mountain Rd)
184Oxford Orphanage (College St, Oxford)
185Rogers Family (Mt. Energy Elementary School)
186Royster Family (Herbert Faucette Rd)
232Sandefer Family (Walters Rd)
187Sanford Family (Smart Rd)
233Satterwhite Family (Hwy 96)
188Sears - Tunstall Family (Cannady Mill Rd)
189Stovall Family (Wilsontown Rd)
190Strother Family (Preddy Rd)
234Thomas Slaughter Family (Old Roxboro Rd, Berea)
235Tippett Family (Fairport Rd)
236Tommie Daniel Family (Tommie Daniel Rd)
191Veasey - Veazey Family (H and 9th St, Butner)
237Veazey Family (Huff Rd, Butner)
193Waller - Veazey Family (Westbrook Dr)
192Waller Family (Old Hwy 75, Butner)
194Washington Family (Hwy 75 Stem)
238Weaver Family (Westbrook St, Butner)
239West - Young Family (Hwy 96 N at Goshen Rd)
195Wheeler Family (Joe Peed Rd)
196Wheelous Family (Lawrence Rd at Bruce Garner Rd)
240Whitaker Family (Brassfield Rd)
241Woodlief Family (Elam Currin Rd)
197Wortham - Hamme Family (Hwy 158 E, Oxford)

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Courthouse Oxford
Courthouse Oxford
John Penn Marker
John Penn Marker
C G Credle School
C.G. Credle School


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