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Granville County NC
Cemetery Volume 5

Volume 5 of our
Cemetery Book
129+ Cemeteries (family, public, private, black). Indexed by full names.

Cost - $29.00 + S&H

Volume 3

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GCGS Store at Lulu.com

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Allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

Table of Contents
268Adcock (Hwy 158w)
269Allen (James Royster Rd)
270Allen (black) (Bryans Hill Rd)
271Allen (Hwy 96S)
242Amis Chapel Baptist Church (Amis Chapel Road)
273Anderson (black) (Belltown Road)
274Antioch Baptist Church (Charlie Grissom Road)
275Arnold (Old NC 21)
276Atwater (Old NC 75)
277Averett (Old NC 75)
278Averett - Averette (Old NC 75)
279Beck (Hwy 50)
246Beck (Running Brook Rd)
281Bennett (Bennett Road)
282Berry Preddy (Buckingham Drive)
283Blackwell (Dick Blackwell Road)
284Bobbitt (Hugh Davis Road)
285Bowling (Bowling Road)
286Bowden (Bryan’s Hill Road)
287Briggs (Culbreth Road)
289Brinkley - Jones (Brinkley Road)
290Brinkley (Gate One Road)
160Bryant Cash (Highland Road)
292Buchanan - Pittard (Knotts Grove Road)
293Bullock (Range Road)
294Burnette (Hallie Burnette Road)
295Cannady (Old Weaver Trail)
296Cannady - Keith (Hwy 50)
297Cary (Thad Carey Road)
298Chappell (Boyce Road)
248Chappell - Perry (Hwy 50)
252Clack, Alfred Sterling (Jack Yancey Road)
161Coley (Cedar Drive)
302Community Memorial Garden (Tally Ho Road)
255Concord Baptist Church (Will Suit Road)
303Cooper - Thorpe (black) (Denny Farm Road)
258Cozart (James Royster Road)
305Critcher (Enon Road)
306Currin (Range Road)
307Daniel Dean (Bob Daniel Road)
309Davis (Brinkley Road)
310Downey (Sam Young Road)
311Fleming (Hwy 15S)
312Fleming (E. Thollie Green Road)
288Fowler (W. Range Road)
313Fuller, Wesley (Walters Road)
314G. T. Sherman (Hobgood Rd)
315Geneva Presbyterian Church (Culbreth Road)
317George Keith (Information only)
316Gooch (E. Thollie Green Road)
318Gooch (Culbreth Road)
254Gooch (Enon Road)
320Goss (Old Hwy 75)
000Granderson (black pps.68 & 101) (Butner)
321Gregory (John Penn Rd)
322Greene (Old Hwy 75)
323Harris (Roberts Chapel Road)
324Harris - Blackley (Gray Rock Road)
325Hawley (George Sherman Road)
326Hayes (Hester Road)
327Hester (Hwy 96S)
328Hicks - Partin (Culbreth Road)
329Hobgood (Hobgood Road)
253Jackson - Allen (Northside Road)
331Jones (Sanders Road)
332Jones (black) (Moriah Road)
333Jones (black) (Jonesland Park)
334Jones (Tally Ho Road)
336Joyner (Jonah Davis Road)
335Knott (Puckett Street)
245Landmark Baptist Church (Walters Road)
337Lige Sherman (Hwy 158 W)
338Lynch - Critcher (Old NC 75)
339Mangum - Morris (Hobgood Road)
340Mangum (Culbreth Road)
341Meadows (Culbreth)
342Montague (Hwy 15S)
343Morris (Collie Jones Road)
344Mt. Level Church (black) (Roberts Chapel Road)
345Newton (Hobgood Road)
346Norwood (John Penn Road)
347Oakley - Mangum (George Sherman Road)
348Oakley (Range Road)
349Oakley - Russell (Hwy 158W)
350O’Briant - Tingen (Culbreth Road)
351Old Peace (Peace road)
352Olive Grove Baptist Church (Olive Grove Church Rd, Wake Co.)
353Peed (W. Range Road)
004Perry - Chappell (Dove Road)
261Petigrew - Walker (Oak Road)
354Pool (Shotwell Road)
355Providence Baptist Church (Shock Overton Road)
356Purgason - Yeargin (Walters Road)
357Ralph Currin (Joe Currin Road)
358Reams (Hwy 96S)
359Renn (Belltown Road)
360Roberts (W Range Road)
249Roycroft (Gate Two Road)
361Satterwhite (James Royster Road)
362Shelton (Hwy 158W)
003Sherron (Will Suit Road)
364Shiloh Presbyterian Church (Herbert Faucette Road)
365Skinner - Tyler (black) (Old NC 75)
366Slaughter (Sunset Road)
367Slaughter (Bob Daniel Road)
259Stem, J.R. (Sanders Road)
368Old Stem (Franklin Drive)
369The Old Slave Cemetery (black) (Abrams Plains)
247Suit - Walker (Will Suit Road)
371Thorp - AKA Goshen (Ben Thorp Road)
372Tranquility (Old 96N)
373Turner - Williams (black) (Days Mill Road)
374Unknown (Belltown Road)
375Unknown (G Street)
376Unknown (James Royster Road)
377Unknown (Rivers Edge Road)
378Unknown (Shock Overton Road)
379Vaughan (Hwy 15N)
159Walker, Lizzie (Highland Rd)
370Waller - Lyon (33rd Street Butner)
363Washington (Belltown Road)
319Washington - Wortham (Days Mill Road)
308Webb Family (Hwy 75)
300Wilkerson (Herman Wilkerson Road)
299William Hunt (Hwy 15S)
291Williams (Hammie Road)
280Winston (Robert Morgan Road)
158Winston (Walters Road)
001Yeargin (Hwy 56E)
272Zack Perry (Hwy 15S)

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Courthouse Oxford
Courthouse Oxford
John Penn Marker
John Penn Marker
C G Credle School
C.G. Credle School


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