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At the August 2010 meeting of the Granville County Genealogy Society the members took time out of their celebrating their 17th birthday to vote on helping the Richard H. Thornton Library with the purchase of 38 reels of microfilm of the "Biblical Recorder" from 1834 through 1913. During this period of time there were a lot of obituaries and other family information listed in this publication.

This publication was published by the Southern Baptist Association; their home office is in Nashville Tennessee. It was mailed out to Baptist families in North Carolina and is still being mailed out today. This publication hopefully will provide missing information when newspapers for part of this period are missing. Mildred Goss stated that she had found the obituary of her fourth great grandmother in 1859 and had not been able to locate anywhere else.

Mildred C. Goss, President of the Society, presented the Library Director and North Carolina Room Librarian with a check for $1,000.00 to help with the purchase. Goss stated that there were only two libraries that had the microfilm that she knew of and that was Meredith College Library in Raleigh and Wake Forest University Library in Winston Salem. The Society is pleased to be a part of this purchase and adding this to the holdings at the Thornton Library.

The Richard H. Thornton Library is the repository for the Society.

Granville County Genealogical Society 1746, Inc. has made another large contribution to the Richard H. Thornton Library in Oxford. The Society voted to add 65 reels of microfilm to the North Carolina Room of the library. These reels contain the loose estate records of Granville County residents. Mrs Fann Montague, who works in the North Carolina Room at the library had put in a request for the Society to help out with the purchase, but the Society went one step further and purchased all of the reels for the library. A check for the 65 reels of microfilm was presented to Mrs Fann Montague by Society President Mildred C. Goss and Society Treasurer Patricia H. Nelson at the library to cover the cost.

To aid in the research, while the Society is continuously cataloguing all of the cemeteries in Granville County, we have added the WPA Cemetery records for Vance, Franklin, Person and Nash Counties to the North Carolina Room. This gives the library four additional county cemetery records. The library already had the Warren and Granville County WPA cemetery records.

Family historians looking for their family information will be able to research this in Oxford rather than driving to Raleigh. Granville County is very fortunate with their historical information as there has not been a fire to destroy any of the records. The Society is continuously looking for materials for the North Carolina Room to aid fellow researchers in their quest for more information on their families or making a connection.

The Richard H. Thornton Library is the repository for the Society.

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