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2016 Meeting Programs

December 1st Program Details
Featured Speakers: Mr Lee Chandler and Mr Bill Barker
"What Happened to Our California 'Barker' Cousins"

Mr Lee Chandler and Mr Bill Barker will present the program for the December 1, 2016 meeting of the Society. These gentlemen will present a program on the "What Happened to Our California 'Barker' Cousins." They are so excited to present this to you all on how all of their research over the last almost year has led them on an incredible journey to find out more about their kin folk!

A lifelong resident of Vance County, Lee Chandler has done much research on his ancestors and related families, including Wilsons, Barkers, Knotts, and Robards to name a few. Much of what he knows he gleaned from listening to his older relatives. He currently lives in Williamsboro with his wife and daughter—his family having lived in the area for over 200 years. Lee will help discuss the genealogical research odyssey that he has shared with his “Cousin” Bill Barker.

Bill Barker has portrayed Thomas Jefferson in a variety of venues since his first appearance at Independence Hall in Philadelphia in 1984. He first came to Williamsburg VA in the spring of 1993 to perform as Jefferson in a film made to honor Ambassador and Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg. He has continued to appear as Jefferson for Colonial Williamsburg, and assists in the development of Jefferson programs for the Foundation.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Bill's interest in Thomas Jefferson reaches back to his youth. He enjoys researching the American world Jefferson knew with an interest in the role the man played and continues to play in our American identity.

Bill received a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in history, from Villanova University and attended the University of Pennsylvania for a brief time. Attracted to the stage at an early age he became a professional actor, director and producer. He was cast as Jefferson in many different venues including the musical, 1776. Bill is the same height, weight and general appearance as Mr. Jefferson.

Please join members of the Society in attending this meeting, to be held at 6:30 P.M. on December 1, 2016 in the conference room at the Richard H. Thornton Library in Oxford, N.C. All GCGS meetings are open to the public, and visitors and guests are always cordially invited to attend.



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